Quality, clean, delicious Panarini fish

for a healthy lifestlyle

About us

Our company group deals with fish breeding, fish processing and distribution of fish products. In our fish farm near Lake Balaton, we raise premium quality Siberian sturgeon and European catfish. Our plant where we process our own and other tasty domestic fish species – as part of Balaton Fishfarm & Factory Ltd. – has IFS Food certificate, which guarantees quality and safety.

Healthcare is important to us and we are passionate about gastronomy. Our mission is to deliver clean, delicious and sustainably raised and processed fish to commercial chains, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing companies and the fish-loving population.

Our story

High Quality Panarini fish for all members of the family!


Our own-bred fish are raised in biologically optimal conditions, as we use special, GMO and antibiotic-free, fish feed.


We supervise the fish purchased from domestic suppliers according to high quality assurance standards and monitor the entire process.

Free of fishbones

Our Siberian sturgeon, European catfish fillets, African sharptooth catfish fillets and salmon fillets are free of bones and recommended even for the youngest family members. Their tasty flesh is rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Within a matter of minutes

Fish burgers, fish sausages and mixed fish soup made from high-quality fish are supplied in a form that is ready to be processed in the kitchen. They include natural ingredients, and meets the demand of the Hungarian palate.

Our products

Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to eat quality fish even on weekdays. Eating fish is part of a healthy diet. Our carefully raised and processed fish contain vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids. We offer a wide range of innovative products. Fish breeding and processing takes place under excellent food safety conditions and with a high level of professionalism. This is the secret of Panarini quality. Beautiful, clean fish, in convenient and modern packaging.

Our fish are popular with restaurants, hotels and our commercial partners.

We reliably deliver high-quality fish in sophisticated packaging. We respond quickly and flexibly to the requests and questions of our partners, and we always look for a solution. Our own fish farm and established delivery processes allow us to continuously provide fresh fish. We take pride in the fact that we have supplied raw materials to many well-known restaurants and leading food chains. We hope to welcome you among our customers soon.

Our partners

We believe in long-term cooperation; we enjoy its benefits and we are ready take the responsibility it involves.