We raise quality sturgeon and European catfish on our own fish farm. We pay maximum attention to quality maintenance and clean, closed-system processing. We are passionate about gastronomy and believe in the importance of health-conscious nutrition. We are constantly developing our offer of gastronomic products. Our finished products are prepared using 100% fish meat and natural seasoning.
Taste the delicious Panarini fish! It is a favourite of lots of families and chosen by many our partners.

Fresh products

Siberian sturgeon

Our motto is: Eat sturgeon to spice up your diet! This refers to the wide range of uses of sturgeon. Panarini’s specialty is their own-bred Keszthely sturgeon, which belongs to the top category of fish. It is a cartilaginous fish, completely free of bones, so it is safe for children to eat. Its vitamin A content contributes to the maintenance of healthy eyes and skin. It is an extremely tasty fish; its flavour is like that of the sterlet's. We raise them in our pools filled with water from our own thermal well. Even this special water is changed every 24 hours in order to achieve the purest and most natural taste possible. We recommend eating it broiled, grilled, fried or steamed. Sturgeon meat has a unique texture and, unlike other fish flesh, it is very dense as well. Like pork, sturgeon can also be cooked slowly, as it tends to tense up under direct heat. For this reason, when baking and grilling, it is recommended to expose the (thick) fillet or steak after roasting to low-temperature thermal process until it softens. The use of its meat is extremely versatile. It takes on practically any flavour with ease. Its flavouring is very simple; it can be seasoned with a little salt, pepper and butter, but those who like experimenting more boldly with flavours can even eat it as a spicy curry or BBQ. Sturgeon flesh is a fantastic, healthy substitute for chicken and pork recipes.

Sturgeon fillet

Whole gutted sturgeon


Salmon (Salmo Salar) is an extremely valuable source of nutrients. It has unique, unmistakeable taste. Due to its colour and taste, it is one of the most popular fish on restaurant menus. In addition to being low in calories and high in protein with minimal saturated fat, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Thanks to their anti-inflammatory effect, these fatty acids play an important role in protecting your health; they guarantee efficient cell function, improve the exchange of information between cells, and enhance brain function. Salmon is therefore worth consuming in the long term primarily due to its unusually high and natural omega-3 fatty acid content. As little as approx. 100 g of salmon contains at least 1-1.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, which is much more than an average adult can get from any other food in several days. The fresh, bone-free natural products we offer can be seasoned in a variety of ways and can easily be prepared in a few minutes either in the oven or in a pan.

Salmon steak

Whole salmon fillet

African catfish

African catfish has become increasingly popular recently. This boneless catfish fillet is skinless, so it is perfect for even the smallest children. It occurs in the wild mainly in the freshwater stagnant waters of Africa, Syria, Southeast Asia and Madagascar. It can be prepared in many ways (grilled, broiled, fried, as catfish paprikash), a type of fish that boasts delicious flesh.

African catfish fillet

Salmon trout

Salmon trout range from the Barents Sea to northern Spain, but isolated populations also exist in the Mediterranean. A migratory fish that migrates to rivers to spawn. Most of the salmon trout offered on the market come from Scandinavian farms. The colour of its meat is very similar to its close relative, salmon, but according to many, it is tastier. As far as kitchen technology is concerned, it can be baked whole in the oven or steamed, but it can also be used in all the recipes that have already been well-proven with salmon.

Salmon trout fillet

Whole gutted salmon trout


European carp is one of the indigenous fish species of the Danube and its tributaries. Carp is one of the most popular fish species in Hungary, as it is the main component of the Hungarian fish soup. Through our high-quality assurance systems, we take care to distribute carp that are clean and taste great. Carp flesh is rich in iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12, and also contains essential fatty acids. Consuming high-quality carp can greatly contribute to maintaining good health.

Carp darne

Carp body

Whole gutted carp

Carp fillet

Rainbow trout

Trout is the colloquial name of some freshwater fish species belonging to the Salmonidae subfamily of the Salmonidae family. Its flesh is white or pale pink. It contains a large amount of useful fatty acids, macro- and microelements, which are extremely valuable for the human body. It can be roasted, steamed, grilled and fried. A ready-to-use product. Fishbones are almost imperceptible in the fillets due to the processing, and it is also available in a garlic marinated version, which gives a pleasant taste from the start.

Trout fillet

Whole gutted trout

European catfish

The second largest freshwater fish in Europe (after beluga, which is a type of sturgeon), it is the "giant" of the Hungarian fish fauna, as some specimens can exceed two meters in length and a hundred kilograms in weight. It can be found almost everywhere in Central and Eastern Europe, and is common both in flowing and stagnant waters in Hungary. European catfish is an indigenous freshwater fish in Europe; a widespread and popular fish species. Its white, finely fibrous flesh can be used in many ways. It contains vitamin D, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, so its consumption facilitates strong bones and maintain healthy heart function.

European catfish fillet

Whole gutted European catfish

European catfish darne

Smoked products

Smoked Siberian sturgeon

Sturgeon flesh has a unique texture that is easy to recognise. Unlike other fish meat, it is also very dense, which is why it is especially suitable for smoking and slicing; it does not crumble, so not only does it taste fantastic, but it can also be very aesthetically pleasing when served. It immediately convinces all consumer groups, from the youngest to the elderly.
Panarini’s specialty is its own-bred sturgeon, which we also offer as it is – without processing. It is completely free of bones, so it is safe for children to consume. Its vitamin A content can contribute to the maintenance of healthy eyes and skin. It is an extremely tasty fish; its flavour is like that of the sterlet's. It is recommended for salads, sandwiches, cold dishes, for buffet-dinners as well as a delicacy for wine tasting events.

Hot-smoked sliced sturgeon fillet

Hot-smoked whole gutted sturgeon fillet

Smoked rainbow trout

Trout is a classic fish species that is also used for smoking as well. Its taste and size make it suitable for marinating and smoking either as a fillet or in a whole. After marinating for days in our carefully developed marinade, we smoke it using real beech wood shavings, thus achieving the unique and extraordinary taste and golden-brown colour.

Hot-smoked whole gutted trout

Hot-smoked trout fillet

Ready-to-consume (R2C) products


Our latest innovations, our premium quality fish pâtés, will win the recognition of even the most sophisticated customers! Their meat content is exceptionally high, they do not contain preservatives, and their taste is exciting and unique.


Fish sausages

Our unique innovative product has a fish flesh content of over 90%, one of the main components of which is home-bred Keszthely sturgeon, which belongs to the top category of fish. Its vitamin A content can contribute to the maintenance of healthy eyes and skin. Uniquely seasoned, processed fish meat is a popular product of barbecue season and is an excellent alternative for meat-free diners who are fond of Hungarian flavours. It can be eaten grilled or in a fried slowly in a pan at low, even temperature, or boiled; soaked in hot water for 4-5 minutes.

Fish sausage


Our burgers made of fish is a real innovation. Our fish-burgers has a fish meat content of over 90%; one of its main components is our own-bred, premium-quality sturgeon from Keszthely. Processed fish meat with unique spices and a Hungarian flavour is one of the must-have components of barbecue parties, and is a favourite of those preferring light meals. It can also be fried in a pan, baked slowly at low temperature, or boiled in hot water for 4-5 minutes after boiling.


Mixed fish soup

Time saving at its best! If you like fish soup, but don't have the time or desire to bother with preparation, cooking, and straining, we have a solution for you. Made from high-quality fish (European catfish and carp), our Szeged-style fish soup, prepared in the classic Hungarian style, is freshly packaged, and includes a slice of African catfish fillet. It tastes like home-cooked food, it does not contain any artificial additives, not even preservatives! Why don’t you give it a try?

Mixed fish soup