About us



Year of foundation. The construction of the hall began in Szentgyörgyvár, primarily specializing in Siberian Sturgeon: an extremely tasty, white-meat and boneless premium category fish.


The facility was completed, fish breeding started with high quality standards.


We launched the smoking facility, and the operation of our small fish processing plant was commenced.


We also started raising European catfish in our fish farm.


Our plant of 800 m2 floor area was established, and now it is one of the largest and best mechanized fish processing plants in the region. Balaton Fishfarm & Factory Ltd. (then called Balaton Construct Ltd.) received the IFS (International Featured Standards) Food certificate, which offers a guarantee for quality and safety. Our Siberian Sturgeon was awarded "A Raw Material of Lake Balaton" qualification. We started cooperation with several large commercial chains for selling our fish and finished products.


Both the industry as a whole and our trade partners appreciated our products. We were chosen as a partner by the largest online grocery chain kifli.hu, as well as one of the leading international discount chains. Magyar Konyha (Hungarian Cuisine) magazine listed us among the TOP 100 food manufacturers.


We started product innovation. We have expanded our range with high-quality ready-made products: fish soup, fish burgers and fish sausages. The development of new products has been going on ever since.

Our Creed

With all our heart, soul and high professionalism

The establishment of our company is due to the fact that we love Lake Balaton and fish. Our goal is to offer our fish raised in thermal water, as well as other controlled, high-quality domestic fish varieties, to as many people as possible, and to promote health preservation and fish consumption.

Quality fish even for weekdays

Fish consumption is often associated with festive occasions and special events. Thanks to the widescale domestic fish farming, it is getting easier and easier to get quality fish.
Let’s make every weekday special with delicious fish fillets, easy-to-prepare fish sausages, and fish soup.
We also offer great recipes for delicious fish dishes to be made from our products. Our goal is to add variety and more nutritional value to the gastronomic experience of Hungarian families on weekdays with our fresh, smoked and ready-made products.

Embracing health-conscious nutrition

It is a well-known fact that by eating fish, one takes in a lot of valuable vitamins, trace elements, minerals and essential fatty acids. The purity and freshness of Panarini fish, raised under biologically optimal conditions and processed according to high quality standards, is excellent. Take care of your children, the elder members of your family and yourself by means of health-conscious nutrition!

Environmentally conscious and innovative approach

We raise our fish in a sustainable way; we process and utilize almost every part of them, and we constantly try to reduce food waste.

Clean and controlled conditions

During fish farming and fish processing, we use water from our own source, which is purified using natural biological processes. Fish farming is carried out according to a sustainable approach, ensuring biologically appropriate conditions.

Unique fish feed for healthy fish

Our sturgeon and European catfish are fed with unique fish food in order to achieve optimal development. The health status of the fish and their developmental conditions are constantly monitored and documented. Our fish farm is the largest farm specializing in raising sturgeon in the region.

The fish we process, package and distribute are of high quality. We only buy and process fish that have been raised in special aquaculture, natural pond farms, or in conditions similar to their natural habitat.

Using outstanding technology

Our international qualification speaks for itself. We work in clean conditions, with advanced machinery, using well-defined, transparent processes, where individual work phases can be traced back. The possibility of making a mistake is almost impossible.

Excellent professionals

Raising and processing fish is hard physical and mental work, as we deal with live animals in a cold and wet environment. Since it is ultra-fresh food, speed and plant organization are extremely important. We are glad that we have been able to build an excellent, close-knit team of professionals over the past years.

Our products

Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to eat quality fish even on weekdays. Eating fish is part of a healthy diet. Our carefully raised and processed fish contain vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids. We offer a wide range of innovative products. Fish breeding and processing takes place under excellent food safety conditions and with a high level of professionalism. This is the secret of Panarini quality. Beautiful, clean fish, in convenient and modern packaging.