Our plant

Our plant boasts enormous capacity

Our plant is capable of handling up to 1,000 tons of product in an area of ​​800 m2 and is suitable for processing any freshwater species. The plant boasts state of the art machinery. A fish smoking department included as well, which is the largest of its kind in Hungary, where the smoking process is carried out using natural methods.

Full transparency and traceability

All products in our factory can be traced throughout the entire supply chain. Panarini fish are high quality and strictly controlled products, just like our other fish purchased from domestic fish farmers. Food safety is a priority for us, so we act with special care and attention in all cases.

Environmentally-friendly packaging

When it comes to the packaging of our products, we aim to minimize it and leave the smallest ecological footprint possible during the production process. We follow high hygiene standards and use advanced packaging technology to make sure that the healthy and beautiful Panarini fish retain their freshness for a long time.

Our range is variable and exciting

  • We offer our own-bred Siberian sturgeon and European catfish, as well as African catfish, carp, salmon, trout, sea trout from external farms
  • We sell filleted and sliced fish, offal, gutted whole fish and smoked fish.
  • We prepare gastronomic products including pâté, fish soup, fish sauce, fish burgers, marinated and seasoned fillets.

Our products

Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to eat quality fish even on weekdays. Eating fish is part of a healthy diet. Our carefully raised and processed fish contain vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids. We offer a wide range of innovative products. Fish breeding and processing takes place under excellent food safety conditions and with a high level of professionalism. This is the secret of Panarini quality. Beautiful, clean fish, in convenient and modern packaging.